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10th Annual Yankton Invitational Soccer Tournament
Host Organization: Yankton Youth Soccer Association
Entry Date Deadline: 5/20/2014
Date(s) of Event: 6/20/2014 - 6/22/2014
Location: Lewis and Clark Soccer Complex, Yankton, SD
Tournament Types: Competitive & Recreational
Tournament Restrictions: Unrestricted Tournament
(International Tournament : )
(Soccer Member List : All )

Age Groups:
Age GroupType of TeamsGenderRoster Size# of Guest Players AllowedMins Per Game# Players on FieldAwardsMin # of GamesEntry FeeBond
8S4/RT Both 103404 Yes 3$175 No
10S4/RT Both 103506 Yes 3$250 No
11S4/RT Both 143608 Yes 3$350 No
12S4/RT Both 143608 Yes 3$350 No
13S4/RT Both 2238011 Yes 3$375 No
14S4/RT Both 2238011 Yes 3$375 No
15S4/RT Both 2238011 Yes 3$375 No
16S4/RT Both 2238011 Yes 3$375 No
17S4/RT Both 2238011 Yes 3$375 No
18S4/RT Both 2238011 Yes 3$375 No
19S4/RT Both 2238011 Yes 3$375 No
Estimated No. of Teams: 60
Contact: Pam McBride
Phone: (605) 660-2549
Referee: Kevin Bray
Phone: (605) 665-2775
Tournament Rules: View
Application To Host: Print

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10th Annual Yankton Invitational Soccer Tournament June 20 – 22, 2014 The 10th Annual Yankton Invitational Soccer Tournament will be held June 20, 21, and 22, 2014 in historic Yankton, South Dakota near Lewis and Clark Lake. This event is sanctioned by the South Dakota State Soccer Association, an affiliate of USYSA. All U11 through U19 games will be held at the Lewis and Clark Soccer Complex at 31st and Broadway on the old Human Services Center campus. All U-8 through U-10 games will be held at Memorial Park at 19th and Mulberry. The Yankton club soccer teams and players affiliated with the Yankton Youth Soccer Association host this tournament along with many volunteers, parents and coaches. Whether you are a new team considering this tournament, or returning again from Iowa, Nebraska or South Dakota, we want to extend a warm welcome to each of you. Please contact our tournament directors: Pam McBride at 605-660-2549, Lori Rust at 605-530-7878, Betty Bray at 605-661-3362 or Deb Lillie at 605-661-1296 with any questions or concerns that you may have or contact us at You can get registration information directly off of the Yankton Youth Soccer Association website at We have blocked off numerous rooms at local hotels under the Yankton Soccer Association name. Please note that there is a release date for many of these, so please reserve your rooms in your own name as early as possible. Tournament Entry Fees $175 for U-8 teams $250 for U-10 teams $350 for U-11 & U-12 teams $375 for U-13 through U-19 teams Age Group, Maximum Roster, Playing Format, Game Duration and Ball Size U-8 – 10 players, 5 v 5 (including a goalie), 2-20 minute halves, size 3 ball U-10 – 10 players, 6 v 6, 2-25 minute halves, size 4 ball U-11 & U-12 – 14 players, 8 v 8, 30 minute halves, size 4 ball U-13 through U-19 – 22 players, 11 v 11, 2-40 minute halves, size 5 ball Entry Deadline: Entries must be received by May 20, 2014. No refunds will be made after June 1, 2014. Team Eligibility A team roster must be fully completed. No team will be allowed more than 18 players and no player is allowed to play on more than one team. Your roster will not be frozen until you check in prior to your first game. All team members must be registered with their applicable state association. Guest players: Total guest players must be listed on the roster and necessary paperwork must be supplied at the time of check-in. Medical Release Forms: All teams must have in their possession at registration and at all games, a signed medical release form for each player. Competition Format Teams will play a minimum of three games. Dependent on the number of entries in each division, teams will play either round robin or bracket play. Divisions with three teams will play each team twice. Divisions with five teams will be a round robin. Divisions will be single age groups, unless they need to be combined to have enough teams to form a division. The Tournament Director reserves the right to combine or cancel divisions based on the number of entries, and to reclassify teams into appropriate divisions. Team check-in and roster verification will be mandatory prior to playing. A laminated NSSA individual player pass is required for proof of age at team check-in and roster verification is mandatory. Guidelines: The home team will be the team listed first in the pairings. The home team will take the south or west side of the field and must be prepared to surrender colors if there is a conflict. Each team shall provide one soccer ball to be used as a possible game ball. If a problem occurs, the referee will choose from the balls offered by both teams. Substitutions & Breaks: All substitutions must enter or exit at mid-field. Substitutions will be allowed” 1. Prior to your throw in 2. Prior to either team’s goal kick 3. After a goal is scored by either team 4. For injury – both teams In the event of extremely hot weather, the referee, under the direction of the Tournament Director(s) has the option to allow a one minute water break when play is stopped due to a dead ball half way through the half. Substitutions may be made at this time. Tournament Directors, with the agreement of the coaches, may also shortened halves or split the game into quarters. Scoring: See point breakdown below. A game may end in a tie. No overtime will be played until finals, as needed, to determine a winner. All overtimes will be golden goal within two ten minute periods. If still tied, FIFA kicks will apply. Point scoring will be as follows: WIN – 3 points TIE – 1 point LOSS – 0 points FORFEIT – 3 points and a recorded score of 3 – 0. If a team fails to show up for a scheduled game, the team will have a fifteen minute grace period to arrive. Absence of arrival will cause a forfeit of the game with points awarded to the opposing team as outlined above. RED CARD – minus 1 points Tie breakers will be as follows: 1. Winner of Head to Head Competition 2. Least goals allowed 3. Most goals scored 4. Shoot Outs Schedules: Schedules will be e-mailed and posted online approximately 10 days prior to the start of the tournament. Uniforms and Equipment: All teams must have uniform shirts with numbers on the back. Shin guards are mandatory. Players will not be permitted to play without shin guards. All jewelry, watches, barrettes, etc. must be removed prior to the game. The goalkeeper must be identifiable from the rest of the team, i.e. different color shirt than the rest of their team and their opponent. All teams are responsible for their own goalkeeping equipment. Awards Trophies and/or medals will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams for the U-11 through U-19 teams. Participation medals will be awarded to all U-8 and U-10 players. Tournament T-shirts will be available for purchase at the red concessions stands at the Lewis & Clark Soccer Complex. Red and Yellow Cards A RED CARD will result in the ejection for the player, substitute, coaches, or anyone else involved in the game. A red card recipient will be ejected for the remainder of that game. Teams cannot substitute for the red carded player. The team will play short for the remainder of the game. The NASA will be notified of all red card recipients. For assaults on the referees and fighting, the coach and card recipient must report to the Tournament Director. The disposition of the red card and the continued qualification of the recipient will be determined at that time. FIFA/USYSA rules will cover anything not covered in these guidelines. The Tournament Director will have the final decision in all matters. No protests are allowed. Cancellations In the event that a team cancels prior to the start of the tournament, diligent attempts will be made to find a suitable replacement. If none can be found, the tournament committee will attempt to find a team a year younger or older to play an exhibition game. Such exhibition games will be treated as a 3-0 win for the affected team. If no team can be found, the affected team will receive a 3-0 forfeit. If you have any questions or need further information please contact: Pam McBride Phone: 605-660-2549 E-Mail: Registration will be online at